Past students share their experience of the Seven Stories School

"I love the Seven Stories mix of teaching, ministry, worship, action and the Bethanie/Normandy space. It's refreshing, inspiring and challenging. A time to reflect and to look at life from a different perspective."  - Martin M

“For me attending Seven Stories has provided an opportunity to think deeply about the things I believe, the teaching and practical exercises have been challenging and life changing. All this in an atmosphere of worship and prayer brings new life and refreshing. I love the beautiful, peaceful place that is Bethanie and its relaxed yet deeply spiritual atmosphere - it always feels like home.” - Alison M


“Seven Stories, for me, was a cross between a conference and a retreat. The teaching programme was thought-provoking and engaging, but there was also time and space to meet with God and hear from Him, both on my own and through prayer with others. And the worship! Such glorious moments of liberating worship, in the creative little prayer room.

The whole thrust of the teaching was aimed at taking us deeper into God's Word, through seven different aspects of God's story - the 'big picture'. But woven through it was the constant refrain: What does this mean for me, now? How does this affect my story and my calling? So it was never purely theological genius; there was always a personal touch, making it accessible to all, no matter how new or old a Christian. I have been a Christian practically all my life, and yet I lapped up the freshness of the message with much appreciation.

I loved the whole 10-day programme - both Gerard's mind-stretching teaching sessions and Chrissie's gentle but challenging application sessions. Even nearly a year later, I look back at my notes with delight, and am still discovering new 'walls' that God is taking down in my life, to move me into a closer relationship with Him, the whole process of which began on the Seven Stories School.” - Dawn J

“Thank you to all the Bless Team, for such a fantastic time over the summer at Seven Stories. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, for me, it was life changing.

I came believing I had nothing, no gifts, nothing to offer but that God worked in me to heal me of those doubts (and lies). I was so strengthened, encouraged and blessed by your joint teaching, worship, prayer and mentoring.” - Pat W